Are you looking for leaf collection equipment?

leaf collection equipment

When you are looking for leaf collection equipment, I have the best advice for you. At Trilo we found an amazing machine for this purpose. Cleaning leaves has never been easier. Trilo has the best quality in machinery and that is why we love to buy our products there. They always work really good and the quality remains for years. Even if there is a defect or something we don’t understand, Trilo helps us fix the problem or replaces the machine. This is ideal, because now we know we never have to worry about being able to do our work.

leaf collection equipment

The trailer

The vacuum trailer is obviously kind of big. This is great, because this way we can collect a lot of leaves at the same time. Besides the size, the trailer is light, compared to its shape. This way it is easy to handle. Wether we use it for the roads or for grass fields, it always comes in handy. I have never handled leaf collection equipment that was this good and affordable for its quality. We are really thankful for Trilo, because they keep providing us with these amazing machines. Also they give us the best advice. This way we always buy trailer that are suitable for our work.

leaf collection equipment

Contact Trilo

If you have an interest in these machines or are looking for something else in this range of machinery, you should really contact Trilo and ask them what they can provide you with. I bet it will do you and your company good!

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