We found the best double ferrule compression fittings

compression fittings

My company was in search of new double ferrule compression fittings, for the new products we are going to build. These parts are really important, to make a good product. Of course our factory is making the new tools and products and has to have te bests parts to build them. When the trial versions are made, we will make the process into something more automatic. Especially then it comes in very handy when we already have all the necessary parts lined up and ready to become one. For this sole purpose I went to find a company that could help us with the best parts. I went online to search for companies and immediately I found Swagelok. They promoted with the words reliable products and good service. Those are all I need! Of course I’m not very familiair with the right parts and for that reason I needed a lot of help, finding the right ones.

compression fittings

Great service

In the end, this company did provide me with good service. Great service, if I may. I showed Swagelok the designs for the tools we are going to build. And told them that we especially needed double ferrule compression fittings. They showed me which they had and I could even bring them back to work to try them out before we bought them. Now I can say that we definitely found the best parts at Swagelok! That combined with the service they provided, makes this an amazing company. We will work with them way more often!

compression fittings

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